Dirty Dancing-A Movie to Relive Your Youth

Dirty Dancing is one of those movies that just seems to stick in your mind. I love the actors, Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze do a wonderful job. I have seen the movie many times over the years and enjoy it every time I see it. There are some great lines in the movies too, my favorite is "Nobody puts baby in a corner." I think my favorite thing about the movie is the dancing. I could sit and watch the dancing over and over again.

Now, I am not normally a person who watches a movie lots of times. I usually would rather watch something new, but there is something about this movie that draws me in to it. It was first shown in 1987, a time when I was in my late 30's. My children were teenagers and I was beginning to look back at my own teenage years.

Dirty Dancing was set in 1963, just about the time I started high school. In some ways it reminded me of a camping trip I took about that time with my girlfriend and her parents. We didn't have a dance to go to, but there was a roller skating rink we went to near the camp grounds where we met some older boys and we each developed summer crushes. Nothing as dramatic as in Dirty Dancing but perhaps the movie brings back the memories of my younger self.

Whatever it is that draws me to it, I will have to admit it is a favorite movie. In fact, just talking about it makes me want to watch it again.

More Movies to Bring Back those Memories

If you enjoy Dirty Dancing than I'm sure you'll enjoy these movies too! They all have the romantic mystic that draws you into the story, great characters, and don't forget the dancing!


Patrick Swayze was a real hunk. If you liked him in Dirty Dancing, I'm sure you'll enjoy this.


If you love 60's style dancing you don't want to miss this classic.

Footloose (1984)
Footloose (1984)

This movie is so much fun, a good romantic story, great characters and dancing all rolled into one movie.


Enjoy Fun Dance Scenes

This is one of my favorites. Love Hungry Eyes..

This dance is sooo sexy.

The final dance is great.

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Stop by and Tell about a Movie that Reminds you of your Youth 16 comments

angelatvs 14 months ago

This is one of my favorites too!

Merrci profile image

Merrci 14 months ago from Oregon's Southern Coast Level 6 Commenter

Sweet lens! It is a rare movie that you want to watch repeatedly. It was the same for me. And my family still occasionally says "nobody puts baby in a corner!" Ha! Hmm, now I want to watch it again too. Thanks for sharing this!

Ruthi 14 months ago

I have watched Dirty Dancing a few times too. Yes, I think this romantic film, like many, take me back to my first love. Oh my!

Sylvestermouse profile image

Sylvestermouse 14 months ago from United States Level 5 Commenter

What an awesome review! Thank you for writing it. It has been years since I saw Dirty Dancing, but I absolutely agree with you. It is a wonderful, romantic movie. Movies really do bring back the memories of our younger selves. I certainly couldn't dance like Baby, but I did enjoy "cutting a rug" as my grandmother used to say :)

Mellithorpe profile image

Mellithorpe 14 months ago

Great review. This is also one of the few movies I will watch over and over again. It is hard to explain for me too but I just love watching it.

esmonaco profile image

esmonaco 14 months ago from Lakewood New York Level 5 Commenter

I like the movie myself, as it was a wonderful story, My wife can watch this one over and over. I think it has something to do with Patrick Swayze!! Thanks for a great review.

captainj88 profile image

captainj88 14 months ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

Dirty Dancing was the first non-G-rated movie I ever saw, so it was like a rite of passage to see it. The Star Wars movies, White Christmas, and The Wizard of Oz were all films I watched over and over, especially if I was at home from school sick; all year long I'd go to one of these movies and watch on the couch while I was recuperating.

evawrites1 profile image

evawrites1 14 months ago

Nice review. I come from a later generation and I can't relate to it so well. But I like this movie anyway.

DebMartin profile image

DebMartin 14 months ago from Northern Michigan and Northern Ontario Level 1 Commenter

Wow. I've never see this movie. I've heard a lot about it, of course, but for some reason it slipped right by me. Something to put on my list.

linfcor profile image

linfcor 14 months ago from Spring Hill Florida Level 2 Commenter

This is one of my favorite all time movies. I was an amateur ballroom competitor, so I really enjoyed all the dancing and the music as well. Patrick Swaze is missed.Nice review

SteveKaye 14 months ago

This is a great movie worth seeing (or owning).

DebW07 14 months ago

My daughters still laugh when they remember they were talking about someone "dirty dancing" and I walked in during the middle of the conversation and said, "Dirty dancing? That was a movie in the 80s." They had no idea what I was talking about and it was the beginning of a fun conversation as I told them about the movie.

ChickenKrazy profile image

ChickenKrazy 14 months ago

This movie brings back memories of my grandmother. This was one of her favorite movies so we watched it often. Definite keeper and one you can watch over and over.

Wednesday-Elf profile image

Wednesday-Elf 13 months ago from Savannah, Georgia Level 5 Commenter

Ah.... you've brought back memories of MY 'younger' self too. :) I did tap dancing in high school, then married a man who was an absolutely wonderful dancer, so we 'danced' a lot over the years. The dancing in Dirty Dancing reminds me of those fun times. Great review!

mbgphoto profile image

mbgphoto 13 months ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA Hub Author

@Wednesday-Elf: Thanks Elf..ahhh to be that young again!!

Carol Houle profile image

Carol Houle 13 months ago from Montreal Level 1 Commenter

Many movies with Goldie Hawn and Barbra Streisand take me back. I recently watched The Guilt Trip 2012 (Barbra) and loved it. She really knows herself. Though they gave her a Razzie award for worst actress for that film. I disagree completely.

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